Азбука - Cyrillic alphabet cutters + 4 Ukrainina letters

Russian alphabet cutters - Cyrillic alphabet including 4 Ukrainian letters

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Азбука - Cyrillic…
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These cutters in the shapes of Cyrillic alphabet letters including 4 letters from the Ukrainian alphabet are 1.5 cm tall. Use the letters to create attractive inscriptions on cakes. Place the letters on cakes, cupcakes and other confectionery products. To brighten up the letters and lustre effects use dust colours. Use a brush and apply the dust colour on a still soft surface. To fix the letters onto a cake use edible glue, Royal Icing or a mixture of home-made mixture of egg whites and icing sugar.

The letter shapes can be cut out from various modelling and covering pastes, for example K2, fondant, gum paste etc.  

The cutters work best if you knead the marzipan or fondant well (we recommend adding Tylos powder for better elasticity) and then roll it out thinly and evenly. Then press the cutter into the paste and take out the letter easily from the cutter.

Tip from professionals: If you need to roll out the paste thinly and evenly, feed it through the pasta maker roller without any cutters ...

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