Birthday plug - Happy Birthday

Cake or dessert topper made from 3D printer. Made from bioplastic.

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Product description

The cake topper in the form of He and She was printed in small batches on a 3D printer. We recommend washing in lukewarm water and detergent before use. Not dishwasher safe, just rinse at a lower temperature (40 degrees Celsius). Salts and chemicals with high temperature water used in dishwashers are not suitable for the bioplastic used from which the banners were printed. Therefore, the most suitable method for cleaning 3D printed products is to rinse under a stream of water and then clean the remaining pieces of dough or mass with a long-bristled brush.

The pouches should not be exposed to temperatures above 50°C, nor should they be exposed to direct sunlight. Any colour changes over time are not detrimental. 

Material: PLA bioplastic for 3D printers with food contact certification


  • Height incl.
  • Width of the words 5,6 and 7,4 cm
  • thickness of the material 5 mm

The stopper is composed of two parts - each word has its own base. 

Color: white

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Dortové zápichy Kompletní nabídka


Materiál Bioplast PLA
Barva Červená
Země původu Česká republika

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