Ceramic baking tin hare (rabbit)

A ceramic baking tin in the shape of a hare/rabbit. 

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Ceramic baking tin…
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A ceramic tin in the shape of a hare/rabbit will be useful especially during Easter preparations. You can bake a traditional sponge cake or butter cake hare/rabbit, but you can use the tin also when preparing aspics, stuffing, pâté, brawn and other delicacies. The tin is made of high-quality ceramic, glazed.

We recommend greasing the tin thoroughly before baking and dusting with flower to ensure that all the details of the tin are preserved. conducts heat well and therefore when cooking and baking in ceramic dishes you will achieve an economical way of meal preparation, the dishes will "continue cooking" themselves - you switch off the heat source before your dish is completely done.

Ceramic dishes are durable and when handling them well they can be used for several years. However, it is necessary to follow certain rules when handling the dishes. The product have a high tension, therefore they do not bear instant temperature changes - heat shock. When in the oven, there has to be a flow of air between the dish and the bottom of the oven, thus always put the dishes on a grid. The best way is to put a cold tin into a cold oven and only then switch on the oven. The tin is suitable for any type of ovens and it can be used in the microwave oven too. Or you can use it as an interior decoration at rustic weekend houses.


  • Size: inner dimensions 15.5 x 21 x 7 cm.
  • Material: ceramic, glazed.
  • We recommend using oven gloves when handling the hot tin. 

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