Impression and embossing mat Brick wall design

With this plastic mat you can create imitations of a brick wall on covering paste on cakes and on decorations on festive cakes. All types or pastes are suitable for embossing. Roll out the paste on a mat dusted with a thin layer of icing sugar and impress the design by pressing the mat into the surface of the pastes. You can help yourself wit a rolling pin. For perfect effect you liquid and paste colours for colouring. For crating shading and adding glossy areas, use powder colour, which you should apply with a brush on a still soft paste. You can also use the mat for chocolate brick wall. Just pour melted chocolate on the mat  and then leave to set.  Release carefully. 

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Impression and embossing mat Brick wall design
Impression and…
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Product description

Impression/embossing mat with a brick wall design.

  • Mat size: 150 x 305 mm
  • Brick height: 1cm, length: various
  • Instruction: knead the paste and roll out evenly on a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar, choose the required side of the design and press firmly into the rolled-out paste, check that the mat is pressed in evenly, release the mat to show the design. To highlight the structure, use lustre spray colours.  

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