Imprinting foil - Mouvance

Stamping Foil - Mouvance

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Warranty: 24 months
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Imprinting foil - Mouvance
Imprinting foil -…
4.30 €

Product description

This double &scaroná &scaroná &scaroná is the smallest &scaroná size of &scaroná &scaroná that can be used without problems on the &scaroná edge when using &scaroná classic &scaroná children's &scaroná cats. Made of tinplate, i.e. not dishwasher safe. If you use the Bolero mixture for the fatty blood and the excellent Topmix mixture for the liquid, you will be a star. Very lighté and easyé to processá iná guaranteeá perfectá iná sequence.

Dimensions of the špin: overall ý diameter of the šend ´ = 20mm / inner š diameter of the špin = 14mm (see product kód)

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Strukturální folie a otiskovačky Kompletní nabídka


Netto váha 70 g
Kód CP_Struktur folie_12896167

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