Replacement cartridge for dehumidifier - granulate

Lemon scented replacement cartridge for the moisture remover with a content of 450 g.

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Product description

Replacement refill for the lemon scented dehumidifier. The granulate absorbs moisture from the air, which is stored in the plastic container of the absorber. The granulate gradually decreases in effectiveness and needs to be replaced when its effects are exhausted. The shelf life of the tablet is 2-5 months in a room up to 20 m2 depending on the humidity and air temperature in the room. Very wide use - use in all replaceable moisture removers.

The calcium chloride based moisture absorber is suitable for reducing the humidity in the room. It is particularly used in situations where high humidity is harmful or undesirable, such as in rooms with electronic equipment or in food storage areas. Calcium chloride is a natural material that absorbs moisture from the surrounding air to maintain optimum room humidity. A calcium chloride-based moisture absorber is therefore a useful tool for maintaining a dry and comfortable environment.

High humidity increases the risk of mould and bacterial growth, which have a negative effect on human health. Even during normal operation, moisture is generated in the home where cooking, bathing and washing are normally carried out. You may have a damp flat in an older development, a cottage or a new build with well-sealed uPVC windows that are not regularly ventilated.

The simplest solution is regular ventilation. And if there is too much moisture, a practical and effective moisture absorber is the ideal solution. Granules are poured into a plastic container or a tablet is inserted to absorb moisture from the surroundings. This then remains in the bottom of the container as water. When the container is full, it is enough to empty it. Some types work in such a way that the granulate absorbs the moisture in the air and turns into a gel.

The main advantages of moisture absorbers:

  • regulate excessive humidity in the room, apartment, cottage, cabin and office
  • do not emit any sound or odour
  • do not require electricity
  • some refills are reusable, others are disposable
  • they are inconspicuous, can be placed in a corner of a room, on a cabinet, under a bed

Safety alert: Causes serious eye irritation. Contains Calcium Chloride. Keep out of reach of children. Use safety glasses or face shield when handling the product. Wash hands thoroughly after any handling of the product.

What to do in case of EYE INJURY: Flush eyes with water for several minutes. If you are wearing contact lenses, try to remove them carefully if possible. Then continue rinsing. If eye irritation persists, seek medical attention. If medical treatment is necessary, keep the product packaging or label handy. Wash hands thoroughly after handling the product.

  • Material: calcium chloride, PP non-woven fabric
  • Weight: 450 g
  • Dimensions: 18x13x2 cm

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