Rose and flower with pistils - marzipan and modelling paste punch - 2 pcs

Piston punch for flower making. Set includes two punches.

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Product description

The precision machining of the modelling paste and marzipan punch will make it easy to shape challenging shapes and elements for your cake decorating and decoration. 

Piston punchers work on a "stamp" basis, with the patterned die going into the body of the punch. This not only cuts out the desired shape, but more importantly, it is easy and simple to punch out. If the rolled out mass sticks, we recommend backing it with icing sugar or special backing sugar, which you can also find in our offer. You can also use starch, e.g. corn or potato starch. The mass may also stick if the ambient temperature or the temperature of the mass is higher. If this is the case, just put the punch in the freezer for a while to cool down. 

After use, rinse in water and detergent and dry.


  • 4.5 cm flower
  • 5.5 cm rose

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Vypichovače Kompletní nabídka

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