Silicone mould - Hibiscus flower

Silicone mould - Hibiscus flower

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Silicone mould -…
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Back duble flower made of silicone and metal punch.
Procedure as follows: personally tested - make a ball of marzipan or fondant for fine modelling with a diameter of about 1.5 cm, put it on a silicone mould with a hole , pressing the other mould to achieve double-sided veining and bending of the flower. Here again, for ease of production, the mould should be gently wiped with a brush dipped in fine icing sugar (starch, etc.), no powder should remain in the mould. Emptying the mould is not necessary with almond marzipan, which is oily and so there is no problem with the mass sticking to the mould. The extruded flower, which will remain impaled on the mould with the thorn, can be left to cool slightly, then removed and placed in the moulder to dry. If you don't want to complicate the speed of the work, you can gently press the flower against the mould to peel it off. Of course, you can use a coloured mass or even a basic white one. The tinted one can be tinted with powder paints, the white one can be tinted with powder paints, markers etc.

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Dimensions: size diameter 50 mm, flower depth 30 mm.

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