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Brown enamel pot - 40 l

Classic large enamel pot.

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Product code: P14943
Warranty: 24 months
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Brown enamel pot - 40 l
Brown enamel pot -…
70.41 €

Product description

The enamel pot without lid can be used especially for preparing large quantities of food, for killing.... Suitable for all types of appliances.

Enamel pot with a capacity of 40 l is suitable for cooking large quantities of food on all types of cookers, including induction, not only at home and at camps, but also at killing parties.

Classic brown enamelware was used by our grandmothers. Brown cookware is above all practical, the steel base is covered with enamel, a glass-like melt, creating a durable, completely non-toxic surface.

In addition, you can use this large-volume cookware when cooking large quantities of food for your family, artisans, or when providing meals at camps. Slaughterhouses and home butchering are also ideal.

You can also use the 40 litre pot when preserving your own harvest from the garden or vegetables and fruits from local growers.

Advantages of enamelware:

  • suitable for all types of cookers, including induction
  • can be used in the oven
  • production with minor imperfections follows traditional processing
  • easy to maintain - just wash with detergent in the usual way or pre-soak

Recommended for:

  • use oven mitts when heating intensively
Material: enamelled sheet metal
Lid: no
Induction: yes
Non-stick surface: yes
Double bottom: no
Colours: brown
Width (cm): 52
Height (cm): 33
Diameter (cm): 43
Volume (l): 40
Weight (g): 3350
Handle material: enamel sheet
With removable handle: no
Features: more dishes
Dishwasher safe: yes
Microwave-safe: no
Oven-safe: yes


Objem 40000 ml
Materiál Smalt

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