Cake fountain dinosaur

Cake fountain dinosaur Pyrogiochi

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Dinosaur Cake Fountain Just stick the fountain into the cake with the tip and light the top rim. The fountain creates a glowing and sparking effect. The fountains create a unique atmosphere. Fountains have recently appeared on our market. But they immediately gained great popularity. The various possibilities of use and design make this product a great addition to any celebration. For a children's party you can use ordinary fountains with a Disney motif. If you want to please your children even more, you can add a playing fountain with candles to these fountains. For bigger celebrants, a fountain with a birthday number is definitely suitable. As additional accessories you can use "shooting confetti". Pyrotechnics 1 category. The burning time of the fountain is 50 seconds.
  • Manufacturer: Pyrogiochi
  • Motif: Dinosaur

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Dortové fontány Kompletní nabídka


Party téma Dinosaurus

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