Candy decorating tip Russian 15 Tulip

Candy decorating tip Russian 15 Tulip

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Candy decorating tip Russian 15 Tulip
Candy decorating…
3.67 €

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The so-called Russian tip - a hit of recent months - for making a flower and in one stroke. The principle is based on the following principles:

  1. we keep the buttercream smooth without room temperature lumps in a firmer version, it must hold the tip
  2. the whipping cream is whipped with a thickener to a stiff consistency
  3. royal icing is whipped to a firm consistency - forms firm peaks when scooped with a spoon
  4. flower forming process - push the material used over the tip and remove with a knife - this ensures that we have removed air bubbles and the icing is fully pushed to the end of the tip
  5. Place the tip on the surface of the dessert and begin to squeeze the cream through the nozzle with a steady pressure, slowly pushing the tip away from the surface. This creates the height of the flower. Depending on the cream used and its stiffness, form the desired height (the work is identical to that of spraying a tube of liqueur tip), then stop pressing on the bag and pull the cream upwards
  6. recommended flower height approx 1-2 cm

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