Ceramic kitchen knife - CERMASTER - blade 12,5 cm

Ceramic kitchen knife with shaped handle. The ceramic blade is extremely sharp, does not stick, does not destroy vitamins. Knives are hygienic, do not absorb odours, prevent bacterial growth.

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Ceramic kitchen knife - CERMASTER - blade 12,5 cm
Ceramic kitchen…
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Product description

Cermaster Handle Knife

The sharp ceramic kitchen knife with a blade length of 12.5 cm is the ideal choice for your everyday cutting of fruit, vegetables, meat, sausages and cheese.

Why choose a ceramic knife?

  • Extremely sharp and non-stick - perfect for perfect slicing of fruits and vegetables without unnecessary injury and dirt.
  • Not harmful to vitamins - the ceramic blade does not let any chemicals through and so does not affect the nutrient content of your food.
  • Hygienic - ceramic blades do not absorb odours and prevent the growth of bacteria.
  • Well-balanced and comfortable - the plastic handle is shaped to fit your hand precisely and allows for comfortable slicing.
  • Highly Durable - The ceramic blade made of non-shattering zirconium oxide is extremely hard and will stay sharp for a long time.

The Cermaster Ceramic Knife is an excellent tool for slicing thin and even slices of, for example, soft foods. You don't have to worry about using it even when slicing ripe tomatoes, as it can easily handle them.

  • Material: zirconium oxide
  • Length (cm): 23
  • Weight (g): 49.2
  • Blade length (cm): 12,5
  • Handle material: plastic
  • Use: universal

Answers to frequently asked questions:

Can I cut hard foods with a knife?

Ceramic knives are ideal for cutting fruit, vegetables, meat, sausages and cheese. If you need to cut harder ingredients, we recommend using a knife with a steel blade.

Can I use the knife in the dishwasher?

Yes, the ceramic knife can be washed in the dishwasher. However, we recommend washing it separately from other cutlery and crockery and drying it thoroughly afterwards.

How long will the knife stay sharp?

The ceramic knife has an extremely hard blade that will stay sharp for a long time. It does not need frequent sharpening like a steel-bladed knife. But with regular use, the blade will gradually wear down.

Choose a quality Cermaster ceramic knife and enjoy perfect slicing without compromise!

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