Confetti 60 cm - RED Hearts - Wedding / Valentine's Day

Confetti 60 cm - RED Hearts - Wedding / Valentine's Day

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Confetti 60 cm -…
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Confetti 60 cm, red metallic heart Do you find showering newlyweds with rice boring? But you don't want to give up this traditional custom associated with the abundance of future offspring? Then be original and underline the beautiful romantic atmosphere with a waterfall of tiny papers. Whether you have a church or civil marriage, there is always an opportunity to surprise the newlyweds and the wedding party with a flood of confetti. You can also use heart confetti on Valentine's Day, the holiday of all lovers. The confetti is stored in a cylindrical tube. They are held in the hand and operated by mechanically turning the tube. When fired, the red metallic hearts fly up to a height of 5 to 8 metres and scatter into the surrounding area. Initiation: compressed air Tube: metal Handling: rotation Max launch length: 8 m Safety: confetti can be used indoors or outdoors. The safe distance of spectators from the confetti tube is 10 m

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Party téma Svatba, Srdce - Valentýn
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