Cookie gingerberad cutter Lego Head Girl - 3D print

Cookie gingerbread cutter Lego Head Girl.

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Warranty: 24 months
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Cookie gingerberad cutter Lego Head Girl - 3D print
Cookie gingerberad…
4.41 €

Product description

The product was printed in small series on a 3D printer. Before use, we strongly recommend washing in lukewarm water with detergent. These products are not dishwasher safe, we only recommend rinsing at a lower temperature (40 ° C). The best way to clean 3D printed items is to rinse under running water and then clean the remaining pieces of dough or mass with a long-bristled brush. They cannot be placed in the oven. They can be used on dough / mass that has a temperature of up to 50 ° C. It is not suitable to expose the products to direct sunlight. Any color changes over time are not a problem. Made from bioplastic compostable PLA for 3D printers with certification for contact with food.

Size cca 7 cm

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Vykrajovátka Kompletní nabídka


Tvar vykrajovátka Postavičky
Party téma Lego
Použití nevhodné do myčky nádobí, nevhodné do mikrovlnnné trouby
Počet ks v 1 balení 1 ks
Dopad na životní prostředí plně biologicky odbouratelné, opakovaně použitelné
Materiál Bioplast PLA
Barva Růžová
Země původu Česká republika

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