Cutter Alphabet + numbers upper case italics

FMM Alphabet & Numbers tappits Upper Case SCRIPT Italic

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Cutter Alphabet +…
15.14 €

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Letter tappits in Italics (cursive) font. This ruler like cutter set is perfect for creating letters and numbers. This is the "upper case" set, featuring A to Z, numbers from 0 to 9, an exclamation mark and a "&" sign. The letters and numbers are approx. 1,5 cm high. The set consists of 4 rulers and English instructions.

These cutters work best if you knead the marzipan or fondant (mixed with some tylo powder) well and then roll them out very thinly. Then press the desired letter or number down on the paste and tap it out of the cutter.

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Vypichovače Kompletní nabídka


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