Francesco noodle maker set

The trivet with extensions can be used not only for pastry, but also for coating or marzipan.

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Francesco noodle…
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Hand-modelled marzipan figures from Paw Patrol have a naturally almond flavour and scent. They are great for decorating children's fun cakes. They will make your work with modelling figurines easier. You can use powder colours to enhance the colours, for example to achieve a pearlescent effect. You can use a toothpick to attach the figurine to the surface of the cake or, for extra safety, choose edible glue or a homemade mixture of egg white and icing sugar.

For our marzipan figurines we use the best real almond marzipan without genetically modified ingredients and without various substitutes (powdered milk, soya, lecithin, etc.

The flavour of the marzipan is naturally almond without the addition of flavour enhancers or almond flavourings.

The figures are hand-moulded or hand-modelled, lovingly painted and packaged.

Height: approx. 8 cm

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