Modelling cubes 8 pcs

Set of eight dice with a total of 16 tools - dice are double sided. 

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Modelling cubes 8…
5.03 €

Product description

Modelling and shaping blocks will make working with modelling materials easier and better. With them you can model and shape flowers, figures, animals,... They are also suitable for modelers for working with modeling mass, clay,... The package contains 8 cubes - 16 different ends. You can customize yourself which ending will fit best to what. (for shaping body, head, arms - smooth and pointed cone/bulb/conical and roller/ for shaping details, expressions, hair and ornaments - arrow/muscle and flat/cone/comb and scoop/ball).

Material: plastic.

Dimensions: length approx. 16 cm.

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Modelovací kostice Kompletní nabídka


Počet ks v 1 balení 8 ks

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