Plastic box multi rectangle wheels 80 l

High storage box with wheels is suitable for cleaning bedding, toys. Thanks to its mobility you can easily move it, use the free space. Clips for tight closure. Material: plastic. Dimensions: volume 80 l, 67x43x36 cm.

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Plastic box multi…
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Product description

Tall transparent storage box - store elegantly and practically

This tall transparent storage box is a great tool for your home, workshop or patio. Its 80 litre capacity provides plenty of space for storing toys, board games, clothes, bedding, gardening supplies or tools. It's a practical and stylish solution for storing the things you need to keep handy but tidy at the same time.


  • Made from strong plastic to ensure long life
  • Transparent design makes it easy to locate stored items
  • With two sturdy clip-on lids that ensure the contents are securely closed
  • With 6 handy castors, making it easy to move the box


  • Collection.
  • Material: plastic
  • Closure/lid: yes
  • Lid/closure material: plastic
  • Length: 67 cm
  • Width: 43 cm
  • Height: 36 cm
  • Capacity: 80 l
  • Weight: 2790 g
  • Shape: rectangle
  • Use: for bedding, for toys
  • Features: clip closure, with wheels

Frequently asked questions and answers

Is this box suitable for outdoor use?

Yes, this box is made of strong plastic that is weather resistant and can be used outdoors.

How much weight can this box carry?

This box can carry a weight of up to 80 kg.

Is this box stackable?

Yes, this box is foldable and can easily be folded into a smaller space when not in use.

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Plastové boxy Kompletní nabídka


Objem 80000 ml
Materiál Plast

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