Set of 14 acrylic crayons + brush as a gift

Set of fine acrylic paints. Blister pack of 14 colours in 4.5ml resealable containers with mixing trays and brush.

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Set of 14 acrylic crayons + brush as a gift
Set of 14 acrylic…
9.04 €

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A set of water-based acrylic paints with a high concentration of pigment and acrylic emulsion, high quality, opaque and very opaque, which remains permanent after drying. It spreads and dries easily while remaining flexible, with a vibrant and luminous tone, pleasant to the touch and durable.

Primo acrylic paints are waterproof and washless once set. On the blister pack you will find 14 shades of 4.5ml paint in a resealable cup with a mixing container for each shade. 

Recommended drying time is at least 24 hours at temperatures between 18 and 25 degrees C.

Can be used on any substrate, including stones, wood, metal, ceramics. It is suitable for decorative and hobby techniques such as decoupage, and is compatible and works very well with most paints and additives used in this technique.

The colours available in the used range also offer intense bright colours, but mixing different colours will give new shades. The resulting work can be painted with acrylic varnish to give the surface greater durability and brightness.

Once fully dry, the paint is permanent, and stains can be removed immediately with soap and water.

Package contents - 14 colours x 4.5 ml + brush

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Kamínkování Malování Kompletní nabídka


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Materiál Akryl
Barva Bílá, Černá, Červená, Fialová, Hnědá, Modrá, Oranžová, Stříbrná, Zelená, Zlatá, Žlutá, Bordó, Žlutozelená
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