Smiley face pancake pan

Give joy since the early morning, a pan for pancakes or fried eggs with a design of smiley faces.

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Smiley face pancake…
31.73 €

Product description

A pan for fried eggs or pancakes is a cast-made massive pan with a lower edge with a high-quality non-stick PFLUON GRANIT surface. It is ideal for fried eggs, potato pancakes, pancakes etc. with minimal amount of fat.

You can fry seven pancakes at the same time, each with a different facial expression. It will brighten up your breakfast and please your children.

Material: aluminium with an excellent non-stick PFLUON GRANIT surface and bottom in relief, plastic handle. Possibility to hang it.

Size: diameter: 27 cm, height: 1.5 cm, diameter of one pancake section: 8 cm.

Suitable for all types of cookers including induction. We recommend using kitchen oven gloves. 


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