Smoother (polisher) for marzipan and fondant curved top

A smoother/polisher for smoothing covering pastes, fondant and marzipan. 

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Smoother (polisher) for marzipan and fondant curved top
Smoother (polisher)…
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Product description

Smoother/polisher for smoothing marzipan paste for decorating cakes.

Work the paste well, so that it had a semi-stiff consistency. Roll it out with a rolling pin, if it sticks, you can dust the working surface with fine icing sugar or starch. The rolled-out sheet should have thickness of about 0.2 - 0.5 cm. If you are going to cover a round cake, the size of the rolled out sheet should be the same as the diameter of the cake + twice the height of the cake + c. 1/3 of the height of the cake. The bigger it is, the better it will be to smooth out and you will prevent the creation of folds on the sides of the cake.

Pick up the rolled out sheet with the help of for example a rolling pin or both hands and place it on the cake symmetrically. Smooth it with the smoother carefully from the centre to the edges so that you get rid off potential air bubbles. If some air bubbles are left, pierce them with a pin and smooth with your hand or the smoother. When the top surface is smooth and without air bubbles, start smoothing the edges. Frist with your palms and then with the smoother. Proceed from top to bottom. Down at the bottom on the table, where the paste has a tendency to make folds, you can tug it a bit with your hands, which will stretch them and get rid of them. To achieve a sharp edge around the top edge of the cake, use two smoothers opposite each other at a right angle.  

To finish cut off the excess paste with a craft knife or a tracing wheel, you can use the leftover paste for making decorations or later (wrap it carefully into a plastic bag to prevent it from getting dry, and put it for example in the fridge or a colder larder). To finish the cake fully, you can smooth it to perfection once more with the smoother.

Wash the smoother carefully with water and detergent before first use. Rinse and dry.  

Material: plastic

Size: 14.7 x 8 cm

Colour: various (white, creamy, yellow, we will dispatch the colour available at the moment of your order).


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