Stainless steel thermobowl 1 l Apple

The luxury food carrier - deliver your food while it's still warm.

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Stainless steel thermobowl 1 l Apple
Stainless steel…
13.17 €

Product description

Stainless steel thermobowl thanks to the thermo-insulating foam layer between the walls keeps the temperature of the inserted food constant for a long time. Use it for serving and for keeping the temperature of the food. Inside the stainless steel bowl - you can also keep food separately.

  • Material: stainless steel. Practical handle for easy carrying.
  • Dimensions: volume 1 l, diameter 14,5 cm, height 13 cm.
  • Wash thoroughly before use, may contain paste residue from manufacture.

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Objem 1000 ml
Materiál Nerez, Kov

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