Textured Lace Set 2 - Punch out lace applicator

Extrusion tool for making cake lace.

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Textured Lace Set 2…
16.73 €

Product description

The lace is designed so that additional shapes can be punched out of the lace design using additional punches. Pearlescent colours are suitable to accentuate the lace borders. A very easy way to achieve this look is to apply pearl to the lace once it is placed on the cake. It is not necessary for the substance to be dry, so it can be dyed immediately, but also later. Put a small amount of powdered pearl or glitter paint on a palette or in a small container. Add a small amount of pure alcohol to obtain a colouring mixture. Alcohol evaporates very quickly and therefore does not dissolve the sugar mass or leave a sticky surface. To gild the lace, it is advisable to first apply gold paint and then paint over it with white pearl.

Set contains 2 arc paint strips and 1 trimmer
Size: length approx. 9.2cm
Material: plastic

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