Thermowell - food carrier with 4 containers - 4 x 0,8 l

Thermo bowl with stainless steel food carrier contains stainless steel bowls with lids, volume of each bowl 0,8 l. The food carrier is stored in a plastic thermo container with a screw-on lid and a folding handle, so that the transported food keeps its temperature for a long time. In addition, you can ensure sufficient hygiene of the food, especially when transporting it by public transport. The thermonaut can also be used on its own without food carriers for storing and carrying food. Dimensions: h. 27 cm, diameter 20 cm. Colour according to current offer. Only stainless steel food carriers are suitable for the dishwasher. Food carriers are used for food storage, they are suitable for the refrigerator, it is not possible to heat food in them.

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Warranty: 24 months
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Thermowell - food carrier with 4 containers - 4 x 0,8 l
Thermowell - food…
45.57 €

Product description

If you bring your lunch from home to work or regularly bring hot food to your loved ones, you'll definitely benefit from this plastic thermonaut with stainless steel food carrier. Storing and carrying your food will be a breeze. Plus, you'll ensure your food is hygienic, especially when transporting it in bulk.

The package includes a plastic thermo sleeve, which ensures that your food does not get cold or, on the contrary, warm. The container also has a plastic threaded lid with a folding handle, which allows easy and convenient handling.

Also included in the set are 4 stainless steel bowls with lids, each with a capacity of 0.8 litres, and a holder with a plastic base that makes it easy to move the bowls into the prepared thermo container. Of course, it can also be used on its own, without the bowls and holder, as any regular thermowell.

The stainless steel bowls can be washed in the dishwasher, the termonadobas in the usual way, in warm water and detergent.

Material: stainless steel, plastic
Closure/lid: yes
Lid/cap material: stainless steel
Height (cm): 27
Diameter (cm): 20
Volume (l): 3,2
Weight (g): 1348
Shape: round
Features: thermo wrap
Dishwasher safe: bowls only
Microwave-safe: no
With thermo wrap: yes

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Termonádoby Kompletní nabídka


Objem 3200 ml

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