Balloon helium 0,15 m3 + ribbon

Helium for inflating balloons.

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Balloon helium 0,15 m3 + ribbon
Balloon helium 0,15…
33.31 €

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HELIUM FOR BALLOONS KING OF BALLOONS - disposable pressurized container with a water volume of 7 l, contains 150 l of compressed helium. The weight of the bottle is 1.95 kg, height 360 mm.

Helium KING OF BALLONS contains 99% pure helium. A ball of ribbon is included. Balloons are not included. With helium from this bottle you can inflate 10-20 latex balloons, with a diameter of 23 cm.

You can inflate Latex balloons with helium, which will last you about 5 hours, or you can inflate Foil balloons. A balloon filled in this way will last for about 7-10 days and can be refilled.

Create beautiful balloon decorations with helium KING OF BALLOONS. Filling balloons with KING OF BALLOONS helium is so easy and can be done by anyone, just follow the instructional video.

HELIUM balloon decorations are also used by people for inhalation, where there is a change in voice, which will surely liven up your party. Helium manufacturers, however, do not recommend inhaling helium. The KING OF BALLOONS container is resealable. The contents of the container can be stored for at least 6 months as long as the container valve is fully closed.

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