Helium for balloon filling + wedding balloons - 420 l

Set of balloons and helium for wedding.

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Helium for balloon filling + wedding balloons - 420 l
Helium for balloon…
80.21 €

Product description

Celebrate an unforgettable wedding day with helium filled balloons. This gas content will inflate approximately 50 latex balloons, 23 cm in diameter.

Kit includes:

  • 1 pcs disposable helium bottle (13.4 l water bottle contains 250 l of compressed helium)
  • 30 pcs latex white balloons with a diameter of 25 cm
  • 3 pcs foil balloons with diameters (2 pcs 115 cm and 1 pcs 45 cm)

Helium is becoming an integral part of any celebration or party nowadays. With helium you can inflate latex balloons that will last you about 5 hours, or you can inflate foil balloons. A balloon filled in this way will last for several days and can be refilled. If you want to extend the life of the balloons, you can add a special gel to extend the balloons flying.

Helium is also used by people for inhalation, where there is a change in voice, which will surely liven up your party. In fact, in helium, the sound propagates 3 times faster than normal, so it changes the voice significantly. By the time the helium runs out....

The handy helium cylinder is disposable, easy to use and can be handled by anyone! 


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