Cake scoop - thermoplastic 31 cm

Thermoplastic PBT cake scoop.

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Product code: P46131
Warranty: 24 months

Product description

The cake scoop should not be missing in the equipment of any pastry chef and confectioner. The handy spatula can also be used as a cream spatula and has a hole for hanging, so it can always be at hand. Dishwasher safe. The manufacturer declares that it can be used up to a temperature of +200 °C.

  • Dimensions: W. 3.5 cm, L. 31 cm.
  • Material: PBT thermoplastic.
  • Properties of PBT thermoplastic:

    • Low moisture absorption
    • Good sliding properties
    • High wear resistance
    • High tensile strength and stiffness
    • Good adhesive properties

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Materiál Plast

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