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Hand press for domestic oil Piteba

Make your own fresh, cold-pressed virgin linseed oil, coconut or almond oil or even sesame paste or peanut butter at home. I present to you the proven handmade oil and seed paste sheet from the Dutch brand Piteba.

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Hand press for domestic oil Piteba
Hand press for…
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Product description

Listen to virgin oil at home! No chemicals, no ethics, no preservatives and just as much as you need. Always fresh and healthy oil.

Hand press for cold pressing oil. Ideal for home use, for making your own unrefined oil from oilseeds.

Dimensions: 20x13x6 cm
Weight: 2,3 Kg

Oil press performance depending on seed type (from manufacturer's materials, actual yield depends on variety used, seed wooliness and other circumstances)

Type of seed % of total oil in the seed
% oil extraction
% extraction efficiency
amount of oil per hour in grams quantity of oil per hour in litres seeds processed per hour in kg
Almonds 65 58 89 1249 1.40 2.2
Babassu 73 62 85 1227 1.36 2.0
Bukvice 38 29 77 501 0.56 1.7
Cocoa beans 57 37 65 1158 1.29 2.5
Coconut 68 59 87 1839 2.04 3.1
Hazelnut 68 55 81 1328 1.47 2.4
Hemp seed 34 23 68 1095 1.21 4.8
Flaxseed 40 34 85 1855 2.10 5.4
Oil palm 68 46 68 1280 1.42 2.8
Groundnut 57 40 70 1468 1.65 3,6
Perilla scrubby 40 35 88 805 0.9 2.6
Peeled piostacia 50 44 87 712 0.8 2.0
Pumpkin seed 46 39 86 570 0.63 1.5
Oilseed rape 44 33 75 1524 1.69 4.5
Sesame 60 46 77 1738 1.93 3.8
Sunflowers 45 35 80 1200 1.33 3.5
Walnut 71 63 89 894 1.00 1.4

Questions and answers

Can a woman do it on a Piteba press?
Yes, she can, although of course there is a difference between the different types of seeds. some may be harder, others lighter. For example, linseed is quite hard to press, while pumpkin seeds are easier. Often it's also a matter of the moisture and dryness of the seeds. It takes a bit of experimentation not only with that, but also with the flame that heats the body of the grinder. Try watching the second video, here a woman is just demonstrating making cold pressed hemp seed oil.

You say it is cold pressing, so why the lamp oil and flame under the press body?Oils are cold pressed, hot pressed or extracted with solvents. The Piteba oil press is a mechanical press, a kind of grinder, that cold presses. However, a certain operating temperature must be reached to separate the oil from the dry matter. Otherwise, you will get a paste (like peanut butter or sesame paste) coming out of the mill. Hot pressing works by heating the crop to a high temperature, where it is ground and steamed or roasted. The high temperature opens the fat cells and the oil flows out. The residue (cake) is used to make lower quality table oil. Hot-pressed oil is not directly edible because it smells. Itneedsto be refined further. On the other hand, oil from a Piteba press is edible and fragrant immediately after pressing. Of course, there are some small particles and residues in it (similar to the sediment from freshly pressed fruit juices). If you want to have an oil that is absolutely pure and free of these residues, just let it sit for a day or two, the sedimentswill drop and you will have a clean and fragrant oil for direct consumption. Personally, however, I rarely resist and have the oil immediately after pressing.

Which seeds are suitable for the oil press?
Almost any you can think of. You can make flaxseed oil, coconut oil, almond oil, hemp oil, sunflower oil, walnut oil, hazelnut oil, pumpkin seed oil, grape seed oil, sesame seed oil, rapeseed oil, peanut oil and more at home. It can also be used successfully to make peanut butter or sesame paste.

How do you clean the press?
Like any other grinder, like a poppy seed or meatball mill. The spindle (helix) for pressing is a high quality stainless steel material, which you disassemble and wash with a normal detergent. It is a good idea to rub some parts with vegetable oil before use. You will see how to do this in the first of the videos in the second tab.
For more detailed information and practical advice (we use the press ourselves), please refer to our detailed instruction manual enclosed with your order.

How much oil can be processed with the press?
How much power do you need:) Generally anything between one and two litres of oil can be handled in an hour. See table for more details. Cold pressing requires a slower speed, about 35 - 50 per minute, so it is not advisable to combine the machine with more powerful drives than the human hand (for example a drill:)). Although we have also seen an installation more reminiscent of a spinning wheel, where human power was still used, but not by hand, but by foot...

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