Modern Silicone Mold Bubbles - Silikomart Mould Bollicine

Silikomart Mould Bollicine

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Modern Silicone…
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Make beautiful (baked) mini treats and mousses with this 3D mould from Silikomart. The mould has a pattern of small bubbles and contains 6 cavities. And the mould is provided with a revolutionary internal border which gives a slightly round base to your creations.

The Silikomart mould is suitable for the oven, refrigerator and blast chiller. It can resist temperatures from -60°C up to 230°C. The mould is washable in the dishwasher.

Volume: 510 ml.

Size: approx. 7 cm in dia and 3 cm high.

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Silikonové formy Kompletní nabídka


Použití v elektrické troubě, v plynové troubě, v horkovzdušné troubě, v ledničce, v mrazničce, vhodné do myčky nádobí
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