Patchwork Summer

A plastic embosser/cutter in the shape of summer flowers.

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Product description

This floral pattern is ideal for decorating cakes with themes of a current season. You can cut the shapes out from covering and modelling pastes. The embossed shape can be coloured with liquid or gel paste colours.To fix the decoration onto the cake, use edible glue or royal icing

A plastic patchwork embosser/cutter for modelling pastes. These embossers/cutters are suitable for all kinds of materials, such as biscuits doughs, sugar paste, fondant, White Icing, Pasta Dama, K2, marzipan, etc.

Instructions: - roll out the paste on a non-stick surface, imprint or cut out the shape - release the paste.


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Strukturální folie a otiskovačky Kompletní nabídka

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