Stainless piping nozzle, 8-pointed closed star

These pointed nozzles are ideal for rich decorations on festive cakes. Use it to create decorative cake edges, flowers and frills. To make pipped flowers use petal nozzles. Use them to dot the cake surfaces into various shapes.  To make your decorations more effective use 2 -3 piping nozzles, with which you will achieve various decorative shapes in more sizes. For fine details and delicate decorations use fine piping nozzles, with which you will achieve a fine lace effect, you can use them for writing and drawing. To create large effects, for example on cupcakes, chose wide piping nozzles. These nozzles can used for creating decorations with Royal Icing on gingerbread biscuits. To decorate sandwiches and other savoury refreshments use star-shaped piping nozzles. To colour the various creams use dust and paste colours. Work with chilled creams and nozzles.  

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Stainless piping nozzle, 8-pointed closed star
Stainless piping…
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8-pointed closed star piping nozzle. Ideal for decorating cakes and desserts with buttercream.

  • material: stainless steel
  • size: diameter: 10 mm, length 4.5 cm. 

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