Impression and embossing sheet with roud square pattern - Petit Matelassé

This impression sheet is ideal for creating decorations on covering pastes to be used on festive cakes, cupcakes and other desserts. Roll out the covering or modelling paste on a flat mat dusted with icing sugar and press the impression sheet into the surface of the paste. You can use a small rolling pin. You can make only some decorative features for cakes, such as ribbon bands, ribbons and various ornaments. The impression sheet can be used for making chocolate decorations. Spread melted chocolate onto a the sheet, leave to set and peel off carefully. The make the peeling easier spray the sheet with oil spray. Use this embossed chocolate sheet to cut or cut out different shapes to decorate mini desserts, cakes, Swiss rolls and other desserts. To create a luxurious look use spray colours.

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Impression and embossing sheet with roud square pattern - Petit Matelassé
Impression and…
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This impressing sheet creates relief decorative surface, suitable not only for praline making, but also for embossing almond dough and covering pastes. 

Size of the sheet: 40 x 25 cm

Size of decor: 1 x 1cm

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