Wedding cake topper - groom carrying the bride

An amusing wedding cake topper - A groom carrying the bride on his shoulder.

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Wedding cake topper…
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Figures of a groom and bride are usually place on top tiers of cakes, however, if you make atypical cakes with unusually arranged tiers, you can incorporate the cake toppers anywhere. Then you can use florist wires wrapped with covering or modelling pastes and make a pergola for the bride and groom and decorate it with hand-modelled flowers and garlands from covering or modelling pastes. You can also create a decorative base for the figures, decorated with cut-out shapes of decorative ovals and then decorate it with frills or pearls.

Amusing wedding figures - newlyweds 15 cm. The groom is carrying the bride on his shoulder.

There is a hole at the bottom of the cake topper, so you can easily put it on a skewer. It is recommended to place for example of piece of aluminium foil.

Made of a special type of resin,

Wedding cake topper -non-edible decoration.

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