Patchwork Clematis & Leaves

A plastic embosser/cutter in the shape of Clematis with leaves.

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Patchwork Clematis & Leaves
Patchwork Clematis …
16.19 €

Product description

With these embossers/cutters you will be able to make flowers, which you can then colour with liquid or gel paste colours. To add delicate colour shade, use dust colours. The set contains not only a bouquet of clematis but also individual blossoms with a stencil for creating the blossom centre, as well as buds and leaves. To model the flowers in relief use bone tools. To dry the flowers, place them on drying foams or in drying moulds intended for drying of 3D modelled flowers. The flowers can be used to decorate wedding cakes, girls' and children's cakes, cakes with meadow themes and other paste-covered cakes, on which they will look the best. If you want to make richer bouquets on cakes, you can do that with the help of special-shaped scissors, i.e. a flower transfer tool.

These embossers/cutters are suitable for all kinds of materials, such as biscuits doughs, sugar paste, fondant, White Icing, Pasta Dama, K2, marzipan, etc.  .


  • roll out the shape on a non-stick surface
  • emboss the design or cut out the shape
  • release the paste

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Strukturální folie a otiskovačky Kompletní nabídka

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